Fall Semester is Done

Got done with the first semester of grad school. It was a lot of work but way easier than I had imagined. I am also on facebook.

New Family Members

We aquired 2 very cute kittens. Eeyore and Tigger


My Full Life

I am a wife to a relatively immature but wonderful man and the mommy to 2 very active puppies and 1 very unhappy cat. I work full time at Home Depot as an installation and special order expeditor. I am also a full time grad student working on my teacher certification. I try to run a very small craft/hobby business. And I am a volunteer with the Buda Fire Department.So my postings will be few and far between but I will try.


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I love thread!

I am a 20+ year cross-stitcher. I recently fell in love with embroidery. Close to same but way different results. Took a class and loved it! My current medium to learn is crochet. I tried it before with sad results. Doing much better now. I also make jewelry and have tried stringing and bead weaving. At this point in time I own at least 1 skein or spool of just about every kind of thread or yarn or string you can think of. I have a sewing machine but I don't use it much. I will be posting pictures of my cross stitch projects. Eventually I may post some of my jewelry once I get good pictures again. Thanks for stopping by!