Renegade Craft Fair Austin

I went to RCF with my sister, her friend and friends mom. It was awesome. Got to see Jennifer Perkins and take a demo with Tina Sparkles. I bought Vicki Howell's book and got her to sign it.


Austin's first Renegade Craft Fair

I will be at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Hoping for lots of demos and insporation. Will report on the fun.


Thrift Stores

I went thrifting yesterday by myself and found a lot of cheap yarn. Thrifttown had 6 bags of yarn of various types and prices. So I bought them all. For 25.60 I got 16 skeins of yarn. Mostly cotton, 3 acrylic and 1 wool. Many colors and weights. Since I am just starting my yarn hoard they fit in nicely. I bought a tote at Walmart to put it all in and guess what? its full already. Should have gotten the bigger one.



The drawstring crochet purse/bag is complete. I finished the strap yesterday and attached it last night. I wasn't feeling well so just sitting and crocheting was very relaxing.


Market Bag Experiment

I bought the biggest crochet hooks I could find and so masoners line to crochet old school market bags. What a disaster! The line is slippery that I couldn't even make a decent chain to get started. I then tried the big hooks with regular acrylic yarn and also a no go. Guess I will have to buy some super bulky to use them on. I did figure out that using plastic doesn't feel much different than metal.


Yarn Shopping

Tomorrow I am going yarn shopping with my sister. I want everything I see, but she hoards craft supplies like you would not believe. May hit a thrift store or two also.


This Week

So far this week I have:
          finished the bag body, have to wait on the handle and trim til payday
          worked on the throw, so far 1 small skein and most of a large one, have 2 more large
           not sure I will use all of it though
          found Knitting and Crochet Today on Create, did not know such a show existed
          got several crochet magazines, including a subscription to Crochet!

Will take pictures of the throw and bag later

ALSO decided that if I ever restart a craft business it will be called "Middle of Everywhere"
I grew up at the point of 3 counties and 4 municipalities and we were incorporated into any of them. Also most if not all of my sales will be on the internet.



new wip

Granny square throw is about 2 1/2 foot square. I started a drawstring bag also. No pattern just a circular base and half doubles up the sides. Pictures later!



So finally went to The Yellow Sweater here in Buda. It is a cute little shop. The owner and workers are really nice. They have stitch and bitch every saturday. May have to go to that once. I bought a very soft skein of yarn. Not sure what I will use it for yet, but we'll see. Haven't worked on the granny square much lately, too much school to do.


my "good" granny square

my granny square is getting huge! I think its close to the size of a standard throw pillow. I bought 3 skeins of Vanna yarn in the same collar way last night. Yay! I will post a pic later


"Good" Granny Square

I am going to keep stitching until I run out of yarn. I found the same colorway at WalMart so I think I will go get more. Hopefully I can crochet a throw for my couch. The colors of the yarn are the same colors in the throw pillows.


Granny Squares

SO I made my first granny square. yeah I know lame! but its more of a granny octogon. I miss understood the directions and added clusters in the wrong places. It is a cute trivet tho!


Love new hooks

I have been using the Provo Craft interchangeable hooks and I love them. I have done bout 10 rows and my wrist does not hurt. Also my tension is better because I am not choking the hook.

On another note, I will be part of an art project. A woman my sister knows from Ravelry is doing her masters thesis in art. She is asking knitters and crocheters to send her pics of them doing the craft and a swatch of their work. She is then going to take the pics and recreate them as line drawings. The swatch will go over the pic at the show. People will lift the swatch to see the drawing. Pretty cool. I am working on my swatch now. My sister already sent the lady our pics.


new needles

I bought the Provo Craft interchangable crochet hook system. Haven't used it yet but looks awesome. I also bought some really soft yarn, Shelly helped me wind it into a ball.

new needles

I bought the Provo Craft interchangable crochet hook system. Haven't used it yet but looks awesome. I also bought some really soft yarn, Shelly helped me wind it into a ball.


Crocheting again

I picked my crochet back up. I forgot all the stitches! Oh well. I did complete a pot grabber mitt thingy. Now I want more needles and yarn. My sister's knitting bug gave me the crochet bug! So many possibilties.


New Year's Resolutions

Yeah don't really do the resolution thing but this year I hope to finish some actual cross stitch and embroidery projects. I don't mean just a picture on scrap of fabric that gets put in the pile with my other stuff, but a real usable item. I also want to work on my Artfire shop. I have many pairs of earrings that I made but all my pictures are terrible. Maybe I can get a better camera also. Crochet has disappeared from my projects again so maybe try and pick that up again. I really stink at it, but it's fun.