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Sugarcoatin is for Candy, and Pacifyin is for Kids! by Nonnie Jules

I would normally20986637 not even give this book a second look but it is written by the president of Rave Reviewers Book Club, Nonnie Jules, (and it was free) so I read it. I do not read self-help books or inspirational books or books about raising kids (since I have none), but this book is funny and light-hearted.  Nonnie is open and honest. She really wants to share what she
has learned in life with others. Her writing style is like a pleasant conversation over coffee. These passages come from her blog, Watch Nonnie Write.
I agreed with most of what she had to say about life and helping others to succeed. She also talks about changing this world to make a better one for future generations and I believe in that idea 100%. Nonnie gives several examples from contemporary media, one of which is a video of a young girl beating another young girl. I have seen the video and was appalled that our society has told kids that's okay. I admit I did laugh at the girl's unfortunate name but her actions were not the least bit funny.
I gave this book 4 stars, not because it was not well written or informational, but because it was irrelevant to me in many aspects. For many other people this is a relevant and useful book and I have seen many 5 star reviews. The book is available now through Amazon.