Late Christmas Presents

The last of my handmade Christmas presents have been given out and were well received.  Next year I have to get moving earlier in the year!

Location : Kyle Pkwy, Kyle, TX 78640,


Late Christmas Presents are Finally Done

The one on the left is the Caron yarn from Renegade. The one on the right is superwash wool from a thrift store. Hope the recipients like them.


Finally using Renegade Craft Fair yarn

At Austin Renegade I bought Vicki Howell's book and got a skein of yarn from Caron. I finally am using it to create a scarf for my best friend. It is acrylic/merino wool blend and so super soft. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but she understands that with the last weeks of school and certification testing that I ran our of time. She loves the color and can't wait for me to finally finish it. I will try to remember to post a picture when I'm done.

What I'm reading

I borrowed a copy of Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair.  It is better than I expected. I don't knit but I can relate to trying to reinvent your life over and over again. It is an easy read and I have trouble putting it down each time. I can't wait to read her other book.


New Yarn

Finally got my yarn from Herrschners. I now know why the Comfy Fleece was only 99 cents. I am bad at estimating how much yarn is in a skein and 44 yards is small. Oh well, I can always order more. ;)


Baby hats

For my co-worker who is due on valentines day

Loom Knitting!

I borrowed a loom from my sister and fell in love with it. I bought the set of round and the set of long looms. I made all my christmas gifts for people at work. So far I have only made hats and scarfs but I found patterns for other stuff too.