Renegade Craft Fair Austin

I went to RCF with my sister, her friend and friends mom. It was awesome. Got to see Jennifer Perkins and take a demo with Tina Sparkles. I bought Vicki Howell's book and got her to sign it.


Austin's first Renegade Craft Fair

I will be at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Hoping for lots of demos and insporation. Will report on the fun.


Thrift Stores

I went thrifting yesterday by myself and found a lot of cheap yarn. Thrifttown had 6 bags of yarn of various types and prices. So I bought them all. For 25.60 I got 16 skeins of yarn. Mostly cotton, 3 acrylic and 1 wool. Many colors and weights. Since I am just starting my yarn hoard they fit in nicely. I bought a tote at Walmart to put it all in and guess what? its full already. Should have gotten the bigger one.