This Week

So far this week I have:
          finished the bag body, have to wait on the handle and trim til payday
          worked on the throw, so far 1 small skein and most of a large one, have 2 more large
           not sure I will use all of it though
          found Knitting and Crochet Today on Create, did not know such a show existed
          got several crochet magazines, including a subscription to Crochet!

Will take pictures of the throw and bag later

ALSO decided that if I ever restart a craft business it will be called "Middle of Everywhere"
I grew up at the point of 3 counties and 4 municipalities and we were incorporated into any of them. Also most if not all of my sales will be on the internet.

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  1. At first I thought you said "body bag" and was wondering why you hadn't just asked Mindy to pick you up one from work.