Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

I was chosen to be one of the first group of Harper Voyager super-readers. I am still so excited. They send me books to read and review. I just downloaded 2 e-galleys for new fantasy books. So excited to be able to read books before anyone else and share how awesome they are with everyone.

I am also a member of RaveReviewsBookClub. It is an online book club started by an indie author to support and publicize other indie authors.

I also signed up for edelweiss/abovethetreeline and netgalley. Both sites are used by publishers to get their books into the hands of blogger, reviewers, teachers, and librarians. I have been approved for several books already. I read one and will be posting a review shortly.

My computer decided it just wasn't going to work anymore so I had to reinstall Windows 8 and upgrade to Windows 8.1, but we are all updated and ready to roll now.

I look forward to sharing more reviews and book sites with you, whoever you may be.


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