Fairy, Texas by Margo Bond Collins

I really love fairies but I hate love triangles. BUT in the is book the love triangle works.

Laney is uprooted from Atlanta GA to Fairy TX when her mom reconnects with and marries her high school flame. They move in with him and his teen daughter on his ranch. Laney does not like the idea at all. She is befriended by several guys, Andrew, Mason, and Josh, instantly, much to the ire of her step sister, Kayla, who really likes Mason. Laney finds out that the town is inhabited by otherworldly creatures, fairies or demons, and both Mason and Josh are part of them. The school counselor and senior English teacher are also fairies. Among other normal high school issues, Laney finds out that Mason and Josh are supposed to date and mate her to bring about an apocalypse that will destroy all humans. None of them find this amusing and they plot to end it. The elder fairies do many things to make sure that Laney is really the prophecy and that she will be mated. Along the way Laney, Mason, and Josh play a game of sorts to make everyone think they are following along, which ruins Laney's reputation in the town. Several fairies and humans are injured or killed during the final altercation. In the end Mason and Josh both end up with the girl they belong with.

I like all the characters. The girls in Andrew's clique are really typical and I didn't trust them at all. Sarah ended up being a genuine person and actually a friend to Laney. The others not so much. Kayla and her friends are the most awful of the humans, but most teen girls are. Josh is the sweetheart of the bunch. He really likes Laney from the beginning and I don't think its just a "new girl" crush like Andrew. Laney herself is a bratty at first but she comes into her own as the fairy breeder scenario plays out. Her mom and step father are really the most clueless parents I have read in a while, but it seems most of the adults in the town are.

Overall this is a 5 star YA read. Even if you are not into fairies but do like paranormal/fantasy romance it is still for you. I couldn't find anything wrong with story or the writing, but there is one typo that irked me for a minute. I look forward to the next installment.

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